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La Physique' by Rheba

Rheba C. Turnbull-Joseph was born in Bronx, New York, and raised on the beautiful island of St. Thomas, United States Virgin Island. Her family later moved to Florida in July of 1997.

After being forced to stay at home do to injuries from a car accident, she then decided to listen to her heart and follow her first desire. Though her car accident was thought to be a road block for her, she then began to realize what her true destiny was. After gaining 70 pounds due to the medications following her car accident she began to see the drastic need for Full Figured skeptical of starting such a big project she then realized that this was bigger than her and she had to follow the desire that God placed inside of her.

She began doing research, and ordering books to educate her self in the field of Fashion. She attended fashion shows and completely immersed herself into the industry. She has always had a love for fashion, and decided to take her love and her first desire and merge the two. This is where La Physique’ was born.

Rheba C. Turnbull-Joseph is the Founder/CEO of La Physique’. La Physique’ is a Full Figured clothing line and online retail store that not only focuses on the clothing but also health and women empowerment.

Mrs. Turnbull-Joseph began creating her mark in the Fashion Industry 11 years ago. She has a creative side that shows through her designs, fabric selections, and vibrant colors. Mrs. Turnbull is known in her community as a trendsetter, positive role model and a Full Figured advocate. She is strong in her faith and knows that nothing is possible without Jesus Christ. Mrs. Turnbull-Joseph strongly believes in following Christian Values which has not only given her the vision inside to create La Physique’ but also to empower woman along the way. La Physique’ comes under her umbrella corporation called "A Living Testimony,LLC." A Living Testimony was birthed because of the trials she faced and chose to use her testimony of overcoming as a way to encourage and uplift many women.

La Physique’ was given the opportunity to open up for the legendary Shirley Murdock at the 2011 Gospel Fest in Atlanta. La Physique’ has also been featured on the front cover of the “Daily Commercial Newspaper”, Relay for Life, Atlanta 2012 Canathon, as well as a segment for the Local 6 News “Making a Difference”.

La Physique’ will be available on-line but will also be marketed into a variety of boutiques and department stores. Mrs. Turnbull-Joseph future goals are to inspire Full Figured woman globally as she embarks on taking La Physique’ international.




 Samuel Joseph

Samuel Joseph holds the position of Business Manager for La Physique’. Mr. Joseph handles and executes several duties to guarantee the success of La Physique’. He sets up corporate accounts, handles all customer service, assisting in service production, customer phone analog, bookkeeping, account managing, meetings, marketing and promoting. Mr. Joseph has had several years of experience in previous companies, supervising sales agents, handle all floor daily logs reporting, accounting computations, monitor end of day balances, training new hired, and handling payroll. Mr. Joseph is also the CEO of Alpha & Omega Couture. Mr. Joseph motto is "you must be determined to strive for success in order to fulfill the requirements of a position with a respected company."

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